Empowering Survivors: Healing, Hope, and Freedom

by Jen Pool, 4 min read This past week was Suicide Prevention Week; a week used to create awareness of this leading cause of death, and inspire people to learn how they can play a role in helping to save lives. In a world where adversity and trauma often linger and create long-lasting challenges, strugglingContinue reading “Empowering Survivors: Healing, Hope, and Freedom”

Psychological Safety

by Jen Pool (3 minute read) As a consultant, I write, train, and talk about psychological safety in the workplace. However, as a parent, implementing psychological safety at home, especially during the back-to-school adjustment period, is really important to me. The transition from the sunny carefree days of summer to the structured demands of theContinue reading “Psychological Safety”

When Love Makes You Cry

by Wendy J Olson, Healing Coach + Executive Director of Grit Plus Gumption All month long, we’re talking about adverse childhood experiences and how they later affect us in our adult lives. We call this campaign “Evolve” because as we learn together, we can grow, heal, and eventually thrive. Get involved by joining us onContinue reading “When Love Makes You Cry”

The Kids Aren’t Alright

By: Jen Pool In my home state of Virginia, it’s “Resilience Week” which is the kick-off to May being Mental Health Awareness Month. Various organizations are highlighting “resilience”, encouraging rest, sending out freebie bingo cards of ideas to practice resilience, and of course, there are all the social media quotes and images. But it gotContinue reading “The Kids Aren’t Alright”