We provide story work coaching with an Allender Center model and personal healing coach to each of our clients. This entails 12 weeks of digging into their stories of past hurts and traumas leading them to discover themes, uncover patterns, and name harms that have been done to them. We provide a safe space for clients to process and overcome their trauma.

After the completion of 12 weeks of story work, clients move on to the retreats – one per season for a full year. These retreats are intentionally intimate in either single client or two client and staff groups. This allows us to show our clients the absolute best care and individualized programming for retreats. Each retreat has a different overall theme but story, getting your hands in the soil, and finding old root systems are all part of the plan.

We believe long-lasting, sustainable change happens in smaller community. That is why we limit how many women we accept into our program on a yearly basis. In our first year, we only accepted three, and we will continue to max out at five clients per year. While this seems counterintuitive to most, it remains one of our core values: Cultivating Community.

Grit Plus Gumption provides therapeutic services and healing retreats for women survivors of sexual exploitation and intimate partner violence. We are currently serving a small community of women who are looking for that next step in their healing journey.

Wondering if we might be a good next step in your journey towards healing? Please e-mail us for more information. We are currently accepting clients to start in Fall 2023. Feel free to email us at if you’re interested.