Meet the Team

Wendy J Olson

Founder & Executive Director

Wendy J Olson is a healing coach and the founder and president of Grit Plus Gumption. Wendy believes in the power of story to change and shape people’s lives. She walks with women through their stories of past hurts and traumas and guides them to find their own freedom and healing. Through Grit plus Gumption, she serves survivors of sexual exploitation and domestic violence. Having applied all she teaches to her own life as a survivor herself, she is able to guide women with kindness and grace, showing them there is always more freedom to be had in one’s life. She believes everyone has a story, and even if that story is really hard, it doesn’t mean the rest of the story has to be.

Partners + Advisors

Our current Advisory Board includes seven members and we are always looking to grow. We also have mentor organizations we work with and learn from, including Jesus Said Love and Lovely Enterprises in Waco, Texas, Valiant Hearts and Unbound in Fort Worth, Texas, The Entity Haven and Twelve11 Ministries in Houston, Texas, and Rescue Her in Dallas, Texas.

We are always looking for more organizations to grow and get to know! Want to learn more? Let’s chat. Email us to set up a time at

Behind the Scenes

At Grit Plus Gumption Farmstead we know how important community is. We are proud to say that we are not doing this alone. Grit Plus Gumption has a wonderful board of advisors and trusted mentors that we lean on to keep us aligned with our purpose, mission, vision, and values. We are incredibly thankful for their support and guidance.

We also regularly connect and partner with trusted survivor-led organizations. And because over 60% of victims of exploitation and intimate partner violence affected are members of the BIPOC and the LGBTQIA+ community, we are dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusion at Grit Plus Gumption.

We believe together is better and we have a lot to learn from each other!

Let’s connect, send us an e-mail or follow us on social media.

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