Shining a Light on Slavery

By Miranda Browning Since 2009, End Slavery Now has globally partnered with anti slavery organizations with the common goals of teaching the public about the issues at hand, connect with organizations, and taking actions to end slavery. While modern slavery is often linked to the anti-trafficking landscape by public perception, this movement focuses on multipleContinue reading “Shining a Light on Slavery”

Confident Kids

By Emily Mills, Founder + Chief Ideation Officer of Jesus Said Love Confident kids are a nightmare to traffickers. And while we can’t prevent every incident of trafficking, we do know that traffickers prey on vulnerabilities. Many of you are parents who have become invested in the fight against this heinous reality, the stories onContinue reading “Confident Kids”

Prevention and Power

By Emily Mills, Founder + Chief Ideation Officer of JSL, Waco, Texas My heart raced and my mind whirled the first time I walked into a strip club. It was 2004, Good Friday in Waco,Texas. Our car was loaded down with outreach gift bags for dancers, bouncers, managers and DJ’s. This would be the momentContinue reading “Prevention and Power”

Just One Ripple

By Miranda Browning Being new to the work of anti-trafficking has been and will continue to be a learning experience. As someone who is fueled by a desire for justice in the here and now, it wasn’t a far leap to want to jump in and help wherever I fit in.  Where would that beContinue reading “Just One Ripple”

Getting Started on Your Anti-Trafficking Journey

By Jen Pool As someone who has been motivated and fueled by the need for justice in the world, it took me a while to stumble upon, and care about, the issue of human trafficking. In fact, it took a random excerpt in a book at a bookclub for me to find my way intoContinue reading “Getting Started on Your Anti-Trafficking Journey”