Empowering Survivors: Healing, Hope, and Freedom

by Jen Pool, 4 min read

women healing in community

This past week was Suicide Prevention Week; a week used to create awareness of this leading cause of death, and inspire people to learn how they can play a role in helping to save lives. In a world where adversity and trauma often linger and create long-lasting challenges, struggling with suicide being one of them, Grit + Gumption aims to show up and make a difference. Our vision is for a world where women can heal from severe trauma and live in freedom. At the heart of this vision is an unwavering commitment to empowering women survivors of sexual exploitation and domestic violence. 

Imagine a world where the scars of the past no longer define you. It’s a place where survivors of unimaginable trauma find the strength to heal, rebuild, and rediscover their inner light. This is the world we believe in—one where every woman can heal and thrive, a world where freedom isn’t just a word but a reality.

Our mission is clear: to empower women survivors of sexual exploitation and domestic violence to continually pursue holistic healing within the embrace of a safe and supportive community. Here’s how we’re bringing this mission to life:

1. Holistic Healing:

We understand that healing goes beyond the physical. It encompasses the mental and emotional well-being of survivors. Our therapeutic services are designed to provide a safe and confidential space where survivors can explore their emotions, process their trauma, and work towards reclaiming their lives.

2. Building a Supportive Community:

One of the most profound ways to heal is by connecting with others who have walked similar paths. We believe in the power of community to provide solace and strength. Through our efforts, we’re fostering a community that understands, supports, and uplifts each other on the path to recovery.

3. Freedom through Retreats:

Quarterly healing retreats are a cornerstone of our approach. These retreats offer survivors a chance to step away from the daily grind and focus on their healing journey. It’s a time for self-discovery, self-care, and self-empowerment. Together, we create an environment where freedom from the past is celebrated and nurtured.

Addressing Mental Health and ACEs

Women laughing and enjoying one another in community

Our work seamlessly integrates with the crucial mission of addressing mental health and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) among survivors:

  • Holistic Healing: By offering therapeutic services, we actively address the mental health aspects of trauma, helping survivors regain control over their lives.
  • Community Support: Our community-building efforts serve as a powerful antidote to the isolation that often accompanies ACEs, providing survivors with a network of understanding and empathetic individuals.
  • Empowerment and Freedom: Empowering survivors to heal and regain their sense of agency is essential in addressing ACEs and promoting mental well-being.
  • Healing Retreats: Our quarterly retreats provide survivors with a space for respite and growth, a chance to heal not just from past experiences but to thrive in the present.

We invite you to join us on this incredible journey of healing, hope, and freedom. Together, we can create a world where women survivors can rise above their past and embrace a future filled with possibilities. Every step we take brings us closer to our vision, and with your support, we can turn that vision into a reality—one survivor at a time.

You can get involved in the following ways:

Volunteering your time and energy – email wendy@gritplusgumption.org

Joining our Prayer Team: Click this link to join our Prayer Team on GroupMe!

Donating: You can make a tax deductible donation here.

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Jen Pool is a Board Member for Grit Plus Gumption Farmstead. She also works as the Director of Community Development for another 501(c)(3) outside of Washington D.C. and is a certified Life Design Coach, Enneagram Coach and ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Trainer. 

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