Overwhelmed by Back to School?

By Wendy J Olson, Healing Coach, Founder + Executive Director of Grit Plus Gumption

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It’s that time of the year again – no, not that time of the year. It’s back to school time! Some of us are enthusiastic, while others are not as thrilled. Going back to school brings along a lot of worries and anxieties, both for parents and kids. Nowadays, there’s so much more to be concerned about beyond outfits and shoes. Students have to grapple with active shooter drills and the fear of being bullied for their appearance or just being who God made them to be.

As parents, there’s a multitude of things to keep in mind. From passwords and doctor appointments to ensuring our kids’ safety and managing our own anxiety levels. Here at Grit Plus Gumption, our commitment isn’t just to help you heal, but to also equip you with tools to find balance and identify the sources of your anxiety. We’ve compiled a concise PDF with six essential tips for helping keep your child safe in, and outside of, school. You can, available for free download HERE.

Our kids are constantly observing and absorbing how we engage with the world. It’s crucial to demonstrate the qualities we want them to see: strong community, cooperation, safety, and healing. Although protecting them from harm might seem like “overly dramatic,” there’s a balance to be found. We can educate them about the potential dangers while helping them feel secure within the world. We can talk to them about challenging topics and simultaneously teach them about self-awareness and trusting their gut. Our goal can be to create a sense of peace and balance inside our home, and inside each of them. Remember, the solution to a problem rarely lies at the extreme opposite end of the spectrum. Our aim should be to educate and equip, not scare the $#!% out of them.

In the upcoming week, we’ll be discussing school safety so be sure to join us on social media and follow our discussions. If there’s something we’ve overlooked, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment. We love and value the input of our community.

Wendy J Olson is the Founder and Executive Director of Grit Plus Gumption Farmstead, a 501c3 nonprofit. She also works as a healing coach, facilitating the Allender Center modality of Story Work, (Narrative Focused Trauma Care. ) She walks with women through their stories of past hurts and traumas, guiding them to freedom and healing.

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